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Contains: M/F, M/M/F, Pegging, Femdom, Reluctance, Exhibitionism

I did it! I put something out!

It’s been an shamefully long time, especially considering I wrote this more than a year ago. Oh well, letting something lay dormant for that long puts right in my face how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve learned over the past year.

Leaning forward, her breasts swaying gently above my head, Gabriella extends her hand and pats affectionately against my tailbone. “But you must raise yourself to greet him, caro.”

So far past the ability to look her in the face, I keep my eyes riveted on the deep, rich color of her legs as I raise myself to all fours.

“Yes,” she says. Her hand cups my cheek, her soft and pampered palm rolling across my stubble. “Jonathan, be generous with the lube, and mindful of my boy. He is not as experienced as you.”

I hear the squirt of liquid behind me. Soon I feel the embrace of Jonathan’s hands around my hips. There is a warm pressure as his cock slips up and through my cheeks, slick with lube that his seething hardness smears across my skin. For a moment, I feel the touch of crinkled skin as his heavy balls sway lightly against my own, which have retreated up against my body as if they were cold.

His hands are callous and strong, not at all like Gabriella’s. His hips rock against me. His hands grab me by my cheeks, squeezing them around his sweltering-hot cock, availing himself of my nervous tightness to build himself to further, firmer erections. With each thrust of himself through the makeshift tunnel of my cheeks I feel him growing larger, and he is already so impossibly large…

There is a slight pressure each time his engorged head swipes across my cowering entrance. But each time, it’s just a passing sensation. I hold my breath, and for a time, he fucks me like this—against my body, not in—and I am almost able to convince myself that I can take it.

But when his hips lean into me with a true force, one aimed towards spreading me open, all the air I’ve been holding in my lungs slips out with a fearful gasp. “I can’t.” Scrambling forwards against Gabriella’s body, seeking her protection, I say, “Please, I can’t…”

Behind me, for a breath, Jonathan stops. It’s barely a relief: he’s paused in fucking me, but still I can feel the pulse of his cock against me like a hungry viper, my body its prey.

Gabriella quirks a brow at me as she slumps downwards in her chair, relaxing her shoulders and letting her body unwind. “Do you not listen when I speak?” Her bare foot tickles its toes across my firmly planted hands. “You believe can not only because you have not.”

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