Welcome to Bespoke Smut, erotica tailored to your deepest desires! My name is Zoe, and I hope we can make something beautiful together!

On your right, you’ll find all my work categorized according to your devilish little desires. Into the tender touch of a curious female domme, the bestial needs of a passionate werewolf alpha, or the iron grip of an uncompromising mistress who knows what you want and knows how to give it to you? You’ll find all that and more just by browsing through each carefully labeled category!

And, if you’re not ready to take the plunge into pay-for-play erotica, I’d love for you to take a gander through the offering a free smut I have posted on Literotica. I’ve also started dabbling a bit in fan-fiction, so if you’re curious what I can do with a group of established characters, look me up on Archive of Our Own! If you enjoy one of my works, feel free to give it a rating or flatter me with a comment, but it’s not at all necessary. I love just being able to share my writing! And on that topic, if you’d like any of my stories to review for your site, please feel free to reach out to me by email and I’ll forward along a copy for your enjoyment. And make sure to sign up for my (infrequently used) mailing list if you don’t want to miss any of my new releases!

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Of course, the title of the site is Bespoke Smut, isn’t it? If you’d like to inquire about commissioning your own story, you can find my general policy here. I’m currently focusing on doing work through my Patreon, which you can find out more about at patreon.com/zohg, or by clicking the image below!

Signing up for my Patreon at any tier will also give you access to all my original, paid work past and future in perpetuity as a thanks for your support!

For any inquiries, comments, or feedback, or flirty stories of your own you might have brewing, dash me off a quick comment in the field below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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