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Caro: Bound

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Contains: M/M, Bondage, Oral,  Reluctance, Exhibitionism

That was quick! Happy to have two things out in less than a week, but that uses up the stock I had from the last time I was doing this. Understanding that you need a critical mass of stories before you can expect traction, I’m trying to get what I’ve got out as quickly and efficiently as I can manage. Already started on next one, look forward to the Adventures of Succubus & Imperious Noblewoman, coming soon to a Zoe near you

I shake my hands against the bindings. I could free myself—I’m not a captive—but if I did…“I’m not—” I say.

“You’re not, what?” He asks.

“I’m not… into men…”

“This tells a different story.” His hand curls around the iron rod of my fully erect cock. His thumb presses down against the spongy canal that runs the bottom of it until the pressure draws a forceful wriggle out of my shoulders, until my head swims and my cheeks explode with heat. Then, he smiles. “But I will play along with your little lies, if you ask me to. I only thought…” His fingers drum slowly against my burning prick. “The other night, I promised you my mouth. Wouldn’t it be rude of me if I didn’t make good?”

He spreads his thumb across my slit, as Gabriella had, but his touch is heavier. The rough motion draws convulsive shivers out of me as he traces over my sensitive skin. Another moan slips out of me; this one I don’t even think to hide.

“Shall I stop?” He asks.

A voice hardly my own says, “No.”

Dimples form in his rugged cheeks. “Close your eyes and imagine Gabriella, if you’d like.”

I do. I think of Gabriella, her large breasts, that she has me press my face into as she uses her hand to urge me to release, or that rest against my back like giant, pendulous water drops while she throws herself into my body. I think of her lips, soft. She has kissed me, but I have never felt them around my cock. I imagine her, only her, as the wet warmth of Jonathan’s mouth embraces me.

I sense the strong roll of his throat, my girth testing his body’s unconscious resistance. His tongue pillows me. He is not patient. His mouth descends upon my cock, taking almost all of it in a single go. And though it is my cock in his mouth, his hand gripped around my hip reminds me who is in control.

My wrists test at their bonds. Soft as the scarves keeping me put are, they still dig sharply into my wrists as my arms bear down and my triceps futilely flex. I try to turn my head but, once I’ve opened my eyes, I find it impossible to look away. His hair has spread across my body and concealed his face, the curls so similar to hers that he really could be Gabriella, if it weren’t for the broad shoulders rising up behind that head, to say nothing of deep manner of his grunts. He subtly undulates his neck, taking just a tiny bit more of me with each descent.

I close my eyes again and try to imagine Gabriella, but the soft burn of Jonathan’s stubble across my exposed skin—and the way my pubic hair tugs and catches it, almost like Velcro—makes it impossible. His free hand wraps around my cock, keeping constant pressure while his mouth swallows half of me, while his tongue wraps tense swirls around the crown of my prick. My hips are alive. My body shakes. I clench my fingers until they hurt. I moan out—


A rush of cold air meets my seething dick as his mouth slips away from it. He looks up at me, grinning.

“Not Gabriella?” He asks.

But he is conscientious of my need, and keeps up a firm stroke across my cock. He never denies me sensation, not even for an instant.

Already my hips have spurred into a slow rolling motion against his grasping hand. He moves into a half crouch, so that he can place his free hand atop my chest. His weight threatens to crush me. He dips my cock upwards with his stroking. I know it’s on purpose, because each time he does it I feel my enflamed rod bump up against his much larger erection, trapped in the thick material of his slacks. He meets me, eye to eye, and I can’t find to the will to look away. I scantly remember my ability to pull myself free—why would I want to? My hips are fucking his hand as they hard as they’ve ever fucked Gabriella’s or, worse, even hard, even faster. I am fucking him with painful and ever-increasing need.

“Please…” I whisper.

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