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Out of Sight, Into Mouth

The only thing stopping the hapless Tess from becoming a fully accredited alchemist is her absolute landfill of a storefront. Cleaning out a magic shop is grueling and sometimes dangerous work, but her beautiful girlfriend Serene at her back, what could possibly go wrong??

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: A Piece Of Me, A Piece Of You

Where would a lady be without her blade?

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Covetous Dragon, pt. 2

If you haven’t read the first part, you can find it here! Fire Emblem: Fates Fan-fiction || Corrin/Camilla/Felicia – bondage, dominance You can also find this story on Archive of Our Own! Description: Doesn’t Felicia realize?! Surely she must know! All those feelings, sealed up for all those years… it was inevitable, what happened. This… Continue reading Covetous Dragon, pt. 2

Caught In A Bind! · Dominance & Submission · Fan-fiction · Fire Emblem · KINKS: · Lesbian Love · PAIRINGS:

Safe (Word)

“And I was sure I smelled…” Camilla spoke with gauzy thoughtlessness, curling a wandering finger through a springy lock of her hair. “Do you do any leatherworking, in this shop?”

“No ma’am; mostly it’s kimono’s, a-as you see…”

For some reason, Oboro’s hands gripped the yarn until her knuckles went white.

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Forcing The Issue: Complete Edition

Available on Amazon Contains: F/F, Lesbian, Dominance/Submission, Power Exchange, Exhibitionism, Medical Play, Toys, Bondage, and Public Sex. Wow! I feel a little silly, putting these things out one after the other without mixing it up–flooding the market, so to speak–but one of my personal goals was to make enough contiguous stories that I could combine… Continue reading Forcing The Issue: Complete Edition