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Forcing The Issue: Complete Edition

Available on Amazon Contains: F/F, Lesbian, Dominance/Submission, Power Exchange, Exhibitionism, Medical Play, Toys, Bondage, and Public Sex. Wow! I feel a little silly, putting these things out one after the other without mixing it up–flooding the market, so to speak–but one of my personal goals was to make enough contiguous stories that I could combine… Continue reading Forcing The Issue: Complete Edition

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Forcing the Issue 5: Cold, Cold Hearts

Available on Amazon Or pick up the whole Forcing the Issue Bundle for a bargain price! Contains: F/F, Lesbian, Oral, Outdoor Play, Chilly Sex(!) Well, I finished something! As arbitrary say something something like this is “finished” might be, still it’s satisfying to feel like I’ve made some sort of closure with a published story.… Continue reading Forcing the Issue 5: Cold, Cold Hearts

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Caro 4: Ascent

Available On Amazon Contains: Femdom, Oral, Dominance & Submission, Cuckold, Cum Swap, Public Play Oh geez, it’s been a while! _:(´□`」 ∠):_ The combination of extreme live stresses (moving!) and Amazon’s KDP left me a little dispirited, I think, but I’m back on the wagon–at least for now! So here’s a little something outside of… Continue reading Caro 4: Ascent

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Forcing The Issue 3: Routine Checkup

Available on Amazon Contains: Lesbian, Dominance/Submission, Exhibitionism, Roleplay, Medical Play, and Public Sex. Repurposing an old thing I wrote and never used into some extremely risky Abigail and Michelle fun! The thrill of being publicly used, the thrill of being caught, the thrill of hating your dumb girlfriend for all the shit she puts you… Continue reading Forcing The Issue 3: Routine Checkup

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Caro 3: Mirror

Available on Amazon Contains: M/F, M/M, Group Sex, Femdom, Reluctance, Exhibitionism Well, it’s certainly easier to bang these out when there’s little-to-no plot or worldbuilding involved! But honestly, I almost had more fun deciding Gabriella’s outfit than I did writing all the hot boy-boy banging. (almost) Keep reading beyond the break for (textually) NSFW sample.… Continue reading Caro 3: Mirror

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Antiquity’s Scion

Available On Amazon Contains: F/F, Dominance, Reluctance, Succubus Something a little more plotty–and sweet as well as sexy, I hope! Still feeling my way through the proper flow of erotica with more plot in it (if I release something serial, am I legally obligated to put a sex scene in every installment? XD) It look… Continue reading Antiquity’s Scion