Last Day Of Spring

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with trans narratives in games you get something that is sad but “realistic” (in whatever way you wanna take that) or you get something that is happy, but also like… unproblematized? well, i know that’s not the word but you know what i mean. like a value-neutral reality. where it’s real. but like… easy.

(i think a third thing is where you find something with a stroke of GENDER to it that is of sufficiently small part and perfectly indirect such that you can impress your imagination over it like silly putty and force it to absorb all the parts of you that you want it to and it can never be wrong because it never directly confronts YOUR feeling, reason, or paraphilia and as such is perfect and there becomes the only thing that works for you to the exception of all else yes i am talking about Ladykiller in a Bind and that one story towards the middle of Sometimes She Lets me which if i check my chronometer was published 12 years ago)

but neither of the above (setting aside the above aside) particularly work for me. in most mediums, i like stories that are sad, but soft. that depict an unfair world with pockets of kindness. in games, this is where npckc’s games sit for me.

(this is where i wrote about one night hot springs, the earlier game in this series)

cis friend erika wants to celebrate trans friend haru’s birthday. i guess you could call it a teachable moment, as erika learns the difficulty of navigating spaces for gender non confirming people.

but it is soft, and sweet. its art and music create a tone that i can see if i focus between my eyes. it lays itself over me, and i am silly putty now. or it is. i forget which direction the metaphor at the beginning was going. i feel these two games are like a very warm quilt, and i want to be held by them.

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