Caught In A Bind! · Goofing Around · High Fantasy · Lesbian Love · Reluctance

Out of Sight, Into Mouth

The only thing stopping the hapless Tess from becoming a fully accredited alchemist is her absolute landfill of a storefront. Cleaning out a magic shop is grueling and sometimes dangerous work, but her beautiful girlfriend Serene at her back, what could possibly go wrong??

The crisp rattle of paper filled the air as Tess flipped the desiccated pages slightly faster than was prudent. “Don’t be ridiculous. If I spent my time memorizing every counter spell for every possible contingency I wouldn’t get anything else do—yeek!” Tess spun around and shoved out her arms. “P-pinching my ears isn’t going to make me find it any faster!”

But the attack met empty air, and Tess stumbled forward, blinking. “Hwuh?”

The spectral voice of Serene, somehow now behind her, giggled against Tess’s ear. Tess whimpered, as Serene’s invisible touch found the curve of her neck and her teeth nibbled at the curve of her ear.

“I’ve changed my mind. I’ve started thinking it’d be fun to stay like this, for a bit.”

Ghostly hands spun her. With the strike of palms against her breasts, she stumbled backwards, shuddering the wall behind her.

“Wow!” She giggled, snorting with nervous desire. “Turn your girlfriend into a ghost one time and—”

A hand hooked under her thigh, leashing her close. She moaned, spreading her lips to greet the pressure of Serene’s kiss. It was undeniable, the hidden weight pinning her to the wall. Serene’s breasts pooled atop hers, and Tess’s toes curled in her socks.

She instantly was hard, grinding her hips upward in search of friction with Serene’s body. Serene’s cock rutted against her thighs.

“S-serene…” Her body was heating up. A pant spilled past her lips before she could stop herself. “I—”

The jangle of the shop bell announced a new customer.

Tess’s tail stood on end. She struggled out of Serene’s hold and roused herself to attention—and back to her senses—with a stern slap to her cheeks. “I’m sorry!” She chimed, emerging from the back room. “We’re closed today—M-m-magistrix Orin?”

“In the flesh,” Orin replied in monotone. She doffed her cape and witch’s cap, setting both precisely on the hooks beside the door.

“But… but…” Tess spread her arms wide in the doorway to the stock room, as if to prevent prying eyes from spotting her currently impossible-to-spot girlfriend. “You’re early!”

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