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Forcing The Issue 2: Abbi’s Dare

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Contains: F/F, Solo Play, Toys, Exhibitionism, Public Play, Light Dominance

My attempt at a little continuity and some straight-to-the-action smut. Hope it turned out okay! The cover certainly didn’t, but that’s my fault for excitedly putting this out before I got G’s advice (she basically picks all the covers for me). What can I say? Patience isn’t one of my strong suits. 😀

(nor is graphic design apparently!)

I prop my phone up on the bench so it’s facing the mirror. My headphones snag and nearly knock it over as I get down on my hands and knees on the rough, cheap carpet. Abigail is silent, watching me over the poor connection, the video turning to blocky bits every other second as the signal struggles to keep up—but even through that, her eyes never leave the camera. Somehow, watching her in the darkness, just a parking lot away, it feels more real than if it were standing next to me. My head’s low enough that I can see under the space all the way through to the end of the row if I twist my head—still no one else here, thank god. I lean back on my knees, just to get comfortable, but in the tight confines, the motion only ends up rutting the dildo ineffectually against my ass cheeks. I wince at the lewd feel of it sliding up against me, my body already twisting and clenching inwardly, brimming over with need. This is stupid. This is ridiculous. Why would I agree to do it?

Why won’t she just tell me to start already?

“Abbi…” I whimper.

“I’m waiting,” she says.

Get the rest of FORCING THE ISSUE 2: ABBI’S DARE here!

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