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Caro 3: Mirror

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Contains: M/F, M/M, Group Sex, Femdom, Reluctance, Exhibitionism

Well, it’s certainly easier to bang these out when there’s little-to-no plot or worldbuilding involved! But honestly, I almost had more fun deciding Gabriella’s outfit than I did writing all the hot boy-boy banging.


Keep reading beyond the break for (textually) NSFW sample. And if you’d like to review Caro for your site, please get in touch either through asks or via email ( and I’ll get you a comped copy right away. Thank you! 🙂

“Good boy,” she says. “The rules have not changed—you are my reflection; whatever punishment I’m to endure, you are obliged to accept the same. Am I understood?”

I hesitate. My arms hang limp at my sides. I didn’t notice the pinch of removal when I took my finger from my ass at Laurence’s surprise arrival, but I certainly notice the vacuum of its absence now. In its place, I feel the firm pressure of Laurence’s cock sliding through my cheeks, our bodies partitioned only by the soft, expensive material of his slacks.

“This can stop at any moment,” she continues. “But when it ceases for you it also ceases for me, isn’t that fair?” Gabriella leaves one palm on the glass for balance, bringing her other hand back to squeeze firmly at Jonathan’s arm. At her permission, his hips rev into motion behind her, but she stalls him, for a moment, with a firm, backward push of her palm.

“Slowly,” she says, her voice as firm as if Jonathan were naked on the ground before her, not taking her in this carnal way. “This is to show caro what he might see—and what he might have—if he decides to be brave for his Gabriella.”

Laurence’s nose nestles tenderly against my scalp, tipping my head forward until my cheek smears against the glass, somehow an exact likeness of Gabriella’s pose. “You should answer her,” he growls, voice long past brimming over with desire. If I don’t answer, he might not wait.

Our faces just centimeters apart, I am completely unable to look away from her. As Jonathan flexes his body in an agonizing drawl, Gabriella’s hips butting gently forward each time his burrowing cock reaches its zenith inside of her. Her lips part in concentration, fresh sweat forms in the delicate creases of her brow. Looking at me from across the infinite distance of the mirror, so close but so far, she says, “I’ll not ask again.”

Get the rest of CARO: MIRROR right here!

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