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Demimondaine – aka: the ugly truth about catgirls

Available on Amazon Contains: F/F, Lesbian, Non-Binary, Supernatural, Succubus, Light Dominance, Tailfucking, Oral, Tailfucking Whew!! I was gonna put this up two days ago but a sick dog got in the way! So without further ado, please let the Amazon description tempt your ruddy senses about my FIRST NEW, ORIGINAL STORY IN WHAT FEELS LIKE… Continue reading Demimondaine – aka: the ugly truth about catgirls

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Fire Emblem Fates: Sleeping Dragon pt. 3

Fire Emblem: Fates Fan-fiction || Corrin/Camilla || NSFW This brief addition to an existing work was written at the request of one of my patreons! \o/ thank you for your support! And, as always, you can read it over on AO3 As always, I appreciate comments more than–OH GOD AM I TURNING INTO THE DE… Continue reading Fire Emblem Fates: Sleeping Dragon pt. 3

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Fire Emblem: Backslide

hello! \o/ this work was commissioned by iavenjqasdf, one of my patreon backers! If you’d like to see how YOU can get me to write something–safe for work, not safe for work, or anything in between –whatever that means??? (•ิ_•ิ)? (•ิ_•ิ)?– well… just read on! As always, I appreciate comments more than frank and honest feedback… Continue reading Fire Emblem: Backslide

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i’m gonna be real with you, i wrote this as quickly as possible before someone else sniped the phrase NINJABBIT ATTACK and i DO NOT APOLOGIZE. As always, you can support me by reading (and especially, commenting on!) this over Archive of Our Own, leaving a comment, or checking out my Patreon. Thank you!! Kagero… Continue reading NINJABBIT ATTACK!

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NieR Automata: White Day

A long-lost human ritual provides The Commander an opportunity for discipline, and 2B and 6O a feeling moment of comfort in a difficult world. It’s late enough on March 15th that I can’t even say “it’s still White Day somewhere, right???” but hopefully the extra time spend editing and polishing makes up for the difference!… Continue reading NieR Automata: White Day

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Winner Takes All: An Oni’s Memory, Or The Lack Thereof

HI HI! Guess what! I did a sequel to this, kinda! And I’m a bit too harried right now to make a proper post, but I wanted everyone to read my 😳👐😳Ongoing Story of Two Hot & Cute Muscle BBs Banging In Public!!!😳👐😳 So you can see the second chapter here:

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Binding The Beast

Available on Amazon Contains: M/M, Gay, Paranormal, Shifter, Alpha, Werewolf, Billionaire, Orientation Play, Dominance & Submission, Clothed Female Nude Male Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🏼❅☃ Hope you’ll excuse my brevity, but I’m hashing this out real quick while my family cooks downstairs. 😳 Enjoy your sexy Christmas werewolf smut!!