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Fire Emblem: Backslide

hello! \o/ this work was commissioned by iavenjqasdf, one of my patreon backers! If you’d like to see how YOU can get me to write something–safe for work, not safe for work, or anything in between –whatever that means??? (•ิ_•ิ)? (•ิ_•ิ)?– well… just read on! As always, I appreciate comments more than frank and honest feedback… Continue reading Fire Emblem: Backslide

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Fire Emblem: Freeze and Thaw

  WARNING: this story contains consensual-but-rougher banging than the usual stuff you see from me, Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the source material, it’s about shapeshifting dragon people, so if dragon-like traits (claws, tails, horns) on human bodies squicks you out, abandon ship!! 😮 As always, reading/commenting on this story over at Archive of Our… Continue reading Fire Emblem: Freeze and Thaw

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i’m gonna be real with you, i wrote this as quickly as possible before someone else sniped the phrase NINJABBIT ATTACK and i DO NOT APOLOGIZE. As always, you can support me by reading (and especially, commenting on!) this over Archive of Our Own, leaving a comment, or checking out my Patreon. Thank you!! Kagero… Continue reading NINJABBIT ATTACK!

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Caro 4: Ascent

Available On Amazon Contains: Femdom, Oral, Dominance & Submission, Cuckold, Cum Swap, Public Play Oh geez, it’s been a while! _:(´□`」 ∠):_ The combination of extreme live stresses (moving!) and Amazon’s KDP left me a little dispirited, I think, but I’m back on the wagon–at least for now! So here’s a little something outside of… Continue reading Caro 4: Ascent

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Calming The Beast

Available on Amazon Contains: M/M, Paranormal, Shifter, Alpha, Werewolf, Dominance & Submission Never let it be said I can’t be a little mercenary! 😀 This brief, lustful bit of wolfish smut was quick to write, and fun, and I hope it’s fun to read as well. It was interesting to try something outside of my… Continue reading Calming The Beast