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Safe (Word) Chapter 2: the Tidal Crush of a Hero’s heart

It’s a follow-up to the Oboro/Beruka fic I just put out! Warnings for 👋REALLY GOOD BUTT SMACKS👋 and also 💖TENDER LOVE & ANGST💖 Fire Emblem: Fates Fan-fiction || Camilla/Selena (or Severa, if you like!) || NSFW You can also find this story on Archive of Our Own! Description: It’s Beruka who’s been sneaking around behind… Continue reading Safe (Word) Chapter 2: the Tidal Crush of a Hero’s heart

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Safe (Word)

“And I was sure I smelled…” Camilla spoke with gauzy thoughtlessness, curling a wandering finger through a springy lock of her hair. “Do you do any leatherworking, in this shop?”

“No ma’am; mostly it’s kimono’s, a-as you see…”

For some reason, Oboro’s hands gripped the yarn until her knuckles went white.

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Forcing The Issue: Complete Edition

Available on Amazon Contains: F/F, Lesbian, Dominance/Submission, Power Exchange, Exhibitionism, Medical Play, Toys, Bondage, and Public Sex. Wow! I feel a little silly, putting these things out one after the other without mixing it up–flooding the market, so to speak–but one of my personal goals was to make enough contiguous stories that I could combine… Continue reading Forcing The Issue: Complete Edition

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Forcing the Issue 4: Packing Heat

Available on Amazon Or pick up the whole Forcing the Issue Bundle for a bargain price! Contains: F/F, Lesbian, Toys, Strap-Ons (Packing!), Public Sex It’s been a while! Like an awful, terrible amount of time! And so that’s why, today, I picked up one of the many stories I had essentially finished before dropping completely… Continue reading Forcing the Issue 4: Packing Heat

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Caro 4: Ascent

Available On Amazon Contains: Femdom, Oral, Dominance & Submission, Cuckold, Cum Swap, Public Play Oh geez, it’s been a while! _:(´□`」 ∠):_ The combination of extreme live stresses (moving!) and Amazon’s KDP left me a little dispirited, I think, but I’m back on the wagon–at least for now! So here’s a little something outside of… Continue reading Caro 4: Ascent

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Calming The Beast

Available on Amazon Contains: M/M, Paranormal, Shifter, Alpha, Werewolf, Dominance & Submission Never let it be said I can’t be a little mercenary! 😀 This brief, lustful bit of wolfish smut was quick to write, and fun, and I hope it’s fun to read as well. It was interesting to try something outside of my… Continue reading Calming The Beast

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Contractual Obligations 2: Performance Review

Available on Amazon Contains: F/F, Lesbian, Transgender, Supernatural, Succubus, Light Dominance, Spanking Arsa’s trials continue long into the night (or mid afternoon at least!). It’s a tough life for demons who can’t fulfill their demonly duties. A little more plot than the last one (and hey, the next one has even more, oops!) but hopefully… Continue reading Contractual Obligations 2: Performance Review