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Fire Emblem: Backslide

hello! \o/ this work was commissioned by iavenjqasdf, one of my patreon backers! If you’d like to see how YOU can get me to write something–safe for work, not safe for work, or anything in between –whatever that means??? (•ิ_•ิ)? (•ิ_•ิ)?– well… just read on!

As always, I appreciate comments more than frank and honest feedback about whether this bit is annoying, I just keep doing because it’s the copy pasts with all the links. ANYWAY: I am available for commissions currently via my Patreon, and you can find me on twitter, tumblr, curious cat. All sorts of places! ❤

“The dreams again, huh?” Kjelle asked, turning on the bedside light.

Kjelle’s strong arms pulled her into a soft embrace. Biting back the tears of worry trembling at her eyelashes, Noire nodded.

After a minute or two, Noire’s breathing slowed, soothed by the even rhythm of Kjelle’s heartbeat. Calloused fingers rocked against Noire’s wrists, Kjelle whispered, “You okay?”

“Y-yeah…” Noire’s tongue darted out, moistening her lips. “Only…”


“Now I’m…” A squirm shuddered through her. Kjelle’s lips stroked against her scalp with every syllable, every breath. Her toes curled. “Now I’m all…”

With a click, the bedside light was off. “Well,” Kjelle replied, “I guess there’s only one thing to be done about that.”

Before she could react, Noire found herself flung over onto her back, head nearly clonking off the headboard. “Kjelle!” Lightheaded, she stifled a giggle. “Really, you don’t have to!”

“Who said anything about have to?” Kjelle replied, salacious grin lost to the folds of Noire’s chemise as she kissed her way down her girlfriend’s stomach.

At the roll of Kjelle’s tongue over her belly button, Noire moaned. At the showy grip of Kjelle’s teeth into the waistband of her shorts, she whined, lifting her hips. It was a bit of a struggle, one Kjelle was too impatient to endure. Muttering “Ah, screw it,” she yanked Noire’s shorts down by the elastic quick enough to break Noire’s will and hurl her headlong into a giggle fit.

In the darkness, Kjelle found Noire almost by her scent. She pressed her nose against the run of Noire’s thigh and inhaled slow and hard over her musk, the cool draw of breath rolling a shiver of anticipation through Noire’s body.

“Ah,” she said with quiet worry, turning her head away. An unspent tear finally shed down her cheek. “Seriously, I’m okay.” And her heartbeat rose in her chest, adrenaline of passion muddling with the tenor of tension lingering after her nightmare. “D-don’t you have work in the morning?”

“Will you just shut up and let me take care of you already?”

The abrupt intake of air, and the clutch of her thighs around Kjelle’s head, sufficed for Noire’s permission.

Kjelle moved onward, enjoying how her breath rushed around in her ears with the close of Noire’s thighs around her head. She offered a kiss atop soft pubic hair, slightly moist with budding excitement.

Slim fingers blessed with hidden strength knotted in Kjelle’s tousled hair. Noire’s hips jutted upwards. “Oh, Kjelle…”

Kjelle leaned in, priming Noire with a slow drag of her tongue. She closed her eyes, drinking in Noire’s scent. Noire’s cheek touched the pillow. Her lips trembled with words unspoken. Kjelle’s finger glided home. In the same motion, her lips found Noire’s cunt. She stroked aggressively, but with precision, framing the outline of her lover’s clit, but avoiding it with tantalizing strokes and traces. Noire was sensitive, doubly so in times like these. Kjelle had to wait until Noire was ready. She had to wait until–

Noire moaned. Her stomach tensed. Her thighs ground into Kjelle’s ears, transforming a light touch into a possessive clench, holding her captive. Her voice deepened with excitement. “That’s right,” she spoke halfway between a growl and a giggle, “Fuck me.” The touches of a sadistic grin tickling the corners of her mouth. “Get. Me. Off.”

She had to wait until THAT, basically.

Bracing herself, she gripped Noire firmly enough around the thigh to spark a giggle of anticipation. “Hold on tight,” she rasped.

From then on, it was an attack. Kjelle devoured Noire’s pussy, tongue laving out in strokes broad and then precise and then broad again, swiping in practiced patterns around the outline of her cunt and then stabbing inward with tongue and finger to force an arc of Noire’s spine.

Past the point of over-stimulus, Noire squealed and thrashed, only kept on the bed, let alone in place, by Kjelle’s iron grip around her leg. Noire could get freaky strong as Kjelle liked to say, when the mood hit, but even “freaky” strength wasn’t a match for Kjelle’s raw muscle-head physique.

Noire’s legs shot up, locking around Kjelle’s shoulders “Just like that!” She cooed, voice angry and eager, beating her hips up to great each squeeze of Kjelle’s hands. “Get me off!” Pulse of Kjelle’s tongue. “Eat my pussy!” Each stab of her finger. “Make me fucking cum.”

Short fingernails dug into Noire’s leg in reciprocal hold. She submerged herself in the taste and texture of her lover, tracing around the subtle outline that separated clit and hood. The slide of a second finger against her.

“Kjelle.” Noire whimpered.

The wolfish sound of Kjelle’s tongue echoed between her thighs.

“Kjelle!” Her legs locking around Kjelle, threatening to crush.

The thrust of third finger inside of her, paired to the crowning shiver of Kjelle’s tongue over her clit.


A raspy wheeze of shared pants as they seperated, and Kjelle sprawled onto her back, dizzied, as she remember how to breathe again.

Noire lolled her head back and forth against her pillow, enjoying the last few impulsive writhes of her hips and wriggles of her toes, shocked out of her post-orgasmic stupor by the soft touch of Kjelle’s calloused hand against her cheek. “Feel better, babe?” Kjelle asked with uncharacteristic softness, which shone only in dark moments like these.

Noire reached up, grabbing her girlfriend roughly by the back of her head. Massaging Kjelle’s earlobes, she shimmered with spent energy, emitting a titter of relief, and saying, “Kjelle, I could sleep for a week.”

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