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Yuri Game Jam Me Up: Love On The Peacock Express

Hello! I’d like to talk to you briefly about Love on the Peacock Express, a short, Safe For Work game jam-produced dating sim/visual novel featuring an entirely cast of date-able Ladies of a Certain Vintage that aren’t usually found in games of this genre.

Though it’s only about an hour long, even playing through all the endings, Peacock Express is fun, fast-paced, energetically written, and basically free (though technically it’s Pay What You Like, so I’m sure contributions are graciously accepted!**) and is a whirlwind tour of romance amid unique and colorful characters rarely seen not only in this genre, but any genre of queer romance. I mean, I’ve been spinning in my desk chair for a couple minutes staring at the ceiling and trying to figure out how your standard yuri game art style and aesthetic would even DO a character whose epithet is “Silver Fox,” much less a “Salt and Pepper Butch.” I can hardly picture it!

(ummm, but if there’s any blindspots in my yuri-ge knowledge I might’ve missed please tell me 🙏)

But, at the risk of being more personal than usual, the reason I felt more compelled to write this than the average thing I played is because… well…

I don’t generally use words like “valid” or “affirming” in regards to myself because, well.. I rarely feel valid or affirmed in anything I do. Even in queer romance games like these, which I usually enjoy at least a little regardless of the content, I don’t have an easy time with the sort of self-insertion the genre seems to expect, and tend to have to abstract myself out of the Main Character’s equation. In fact, before this game, the only one of them that really “worked” on me in the sense that I could almost detach from my body and my hang-ups about self-insertion and put myself in the game was Ladykiller in a Bind. And I’ve played a lot of these games since then!

But I’m happy to announce that Ladykiller now has to share its spotlight in my heart! I jumped right into the head space of Peacock Express’s spunky, excitable main character, whose Genki Girl persona and futch-y fashion sense (her lil’ scarrrrrrrfff 😭) fit my mental/physical image of myself far better than the protags of these games usually do.

like look at the plucky-as-hell pose she does with her shades. how cool is that??

And who, much like me in my finer moments, seem to fancy herself as Pretty In Control until she meets someone with an ounce more personality than her and she immediately rolls over like an conceit snickerdoodle taking their first trip to the dog park and discovering, for the first time, “Woah, bigger dogs exist?? 😨💦”

As a cocky, snooty, switch-y little futch who only let herself be a switch because there weren’t enough commanding, mature ladies out there to take the reins & bully her right, who spent her salad days displaying some righteously poor judgment about which Ladies Of A Certain Vintage to involve herself with ahhh… shall we say…

…the existence of this game makes me feel extremely…

…valid… 😳

So I really appreciate the creators for this extremely rare gift, and thus, I’m passing it on to everyone else! I hope you enjoy!



**And as their site notes, All game proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood and a Puerto Rican relief organization.

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