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Winner Takes All: An Oni’s Memory, Or The Lack Thereof


HI HI! Guess what! I did a sequel to this, kinda! And I’m a bit too harried right now to make a proper post, but I wanted everyone to read my 😳👐😳Ongoing Story of Two Hot & Cute Muscle BBs Banging In Public!!!😳👐😳 So you can see the second chapter here:


Charlotte leaned forward, wrapped her arms around the iron bar. Jaw set, back flat, rear high, breasts sandwiched between biceps.


With a grunt, she pulled upwards, her body sheening with sweat, treating her companion to a view of each muscle pulling to tension—calves, then thighs, her magnificent ass, her abs—still barely visible beneath a feminine softness and the clutch of her biceps.


Finishing with an ecstatic gasp, she dropped the heavy dumbbell. The pound of the weight against the ground echoed across the small city of the camp in the lowlight. For now, the camp was quiet; dinner would be called soon enough, and there would be a rush and cry, but the training ground in this moment belonged to her—and her rival.

Charlotte grinned towards Rinkah, smile gleaming even brighter than her sweat-dappled skin. “That’s twenty five better than your best, any day.”

Rinkah, who had lost her will (and her muscle tension) at an even four hundred. Sitting on the ground, knees cocked open and a hand behind her, she’d yet even to recover from her panting exertion. Her face streamed with sweat, and she grunted noncommittally, glancing away.

Her bronzed skin struggled vainly to disguise the heated flush of her cheeks, about as effectively as her general strategy of disinterest hid her embarrassment from Charlotte’s notice.

Not one to be dissuaded by Rinkah’s familiarly truculent refusals to admit defeat, Charlotte posed, hands on her hips, thighs slightly parted. “Queen goes to the strongest, right? Still me.” A triumphant twist of her lips compounded her pride, and Rinkah’s indignity. “Plus one for winning, that’s two you owe me for today.”

“After dinner,” Rinkah said, mildly. She sat forward, windmilling each thick arm in turn to work away the stiffness of her muscles—and, hopefully, the embarrassment of failure clouding her mind as well. “I’ve worked up an appetite.”

Charlotte strode towards Rinkah, arms crossed. Her customary outfit, the metal torc and form hugging bottoms, made exercising convenient, in a way. The heat of her skin was exposed to the air, and she could sweat and breathe free. Less conveniently, though her skin could breathe, the scent of her sweat—and of her musk—was made as plain as, well, practically every one of her shimmering, muscular curves.

After dinner? But dinner’s my…” Her nose wrinkled at first, but her chin tilted up, and her eyes assumed a familiar, haughty expression. The grin she reserved for besting her inferiors was somewhat softened, for Rinkah, but no less self-satisfied. “You forgot, didn’tcha? Do oni have holes where their memory ought go?”

“I didn’t forget,” As if her briefly widened eyes, weren’t indication enough, Rinkah started a bit in her seat, husking gruffly in that inimitable manner, a quiet, stoic sound that blared her failure like a trumpet across the training grounds: yes, of COURSE she forgot, she just would admit it; women like Rinkah were stubborn in those ways, Charlotte knew.

“You absolutely did.” If the realization of this stung Charlotte, she took great pains to let no evidence of that show on her face. She rested a hand on her hip and leaned forward. Coy and cool as a viper in shadow, she said to the retreating Rinkah, “Hey, if we wait til after dinner, you’ll be all sore and stiff…” Charlotte gestured quickly with two fingers, beckoning upwards. “So I think I deserve my presents right now.”

“You’re being self-centered.” With sternly pursed lips, Rinkah proved she had a modicum of composure left to her. She patted the dust off her thighs as she groaned and dragged herself to standing. “Come on, now,” she said, already lumbering off in the direction of the dining hall. “I’m starved.”

Charlotte’s lips set with an incipient snarl, her Windmerian accent coming to the fore in full glory. “Maybe you didn’t hear me, ~loser~.” She lashed out, her hand catching Rinkah’s wrist in a wide swing, wheeling the woman away from the ground proper and towards the rear wall of the Arena.

Caught off-guard, at first, Rinkah could only reply with a grunt and a tensed abdomen; grabbed and handled like a common mutt. Indeed, if it were any other woman, she might’ve torn that offending hand off at the wrist… but… Charlotte…

The dull thwack of flesh on stone resounded through the camp like a church bell, and Rinkah found herself duly pinned.

Charlotte could smell the sweat off of her lover as she pinned her, face first, to the sturdy stone, Rinkah’s arm held firm behind her back and Charlotte’s hand wrapped around her neck. The rough arena wall lightly abraded her face, and her helpless fingers flexed and groped at Charlotte’s heaving abdomen.

…any other woman…

The sensual hiss of Charlotte’s words tickled through Rinkah’s brain, just as her lips did along the curve of Rinkah’s ear. “Admit it.”

…what filtered through Rinkah’s head wasn’t anything so prurient as “love,” of course. If it were any other woman, Rinkah would overpower them to a factor of ten. She would turn her honed instincts and brutal might towards… towards…

But this woman? Charlotte? She was a pureblooded beast. She’d have to be, to be the only woman that defeated her.

“You won!” Rinkah growled.

The beat of Charlotte’s heart, eminently felt by Rinkah through the compress of Charlotte’s breasts against her back, surged like a raging boar at the words “You won”. An overproud woman, Charlotte was; surely, hearing those words from anyone would have made her blood rush. Surely, it wasn’t just THIS woman, it wasn’t just hearing her strength praised by this one, superlative, beautiful…

Rinkah grimace was as impotent as her squirming in Charlotte’s locking hold. The scent of a different sort of musk was subtly filtering through the evening air. “T-there, are you happy?” Painfully–but only of the emotional sort–she noticed the discomfort of her stiffening nipples, sensitive enough already that she could feel the cool stone of the arena boundary even though the thick wrappings that held her breasts.

Not entirely, Charlotte wasn’t. Those words thrilled her, but they weren’t what she yearned to her. All the same…

Her thighs were parted; she could smell her own need, she could smell her lov… Rinkah’s scent. She could hear footsteps leaving the Arena just on the other side of the wall. The building ache of acid in her muscles thrilled her, as did the submissive squirm of Rinkah against her possessive, locking grip. Her smile shone in the twilight like the gold of her hair.

Rinkah shuddered, the muscles of her back tensing and unwinding with all the power of a serpent at the stimulus of Charlotte’s bare nipples dragging alone them. Her back arches, with the impact of Charlotte against her, pinning her to the wall in full, and the thunder of her lover’s heartbeat. Her bare toes curl in the dirt.

“If you didn’t FORGET, I mighta just hauled you back to our bunk. But now…”

Always the stubborn one, was Rinkah. “I DIDN’T forg–unh!”

You see, Charlotte has ways of dealing with stubborn oni

With an uncharacteristic bleat of surprise, Rinkah found her legs swiftly parted. A sandaled foot kicked Rinkah’s own wide. Fingers press up along Rinkah’s thigh, making room for Charlotte’s advance—Rinkah never wore anything between her fragrant cunt and the world, and if she weren’t ready to admit something as simple as her forgetfulness, Charlotte had no qualms about teaching her a lesson, pressing up and against her rival, and taking her present, there and then. Rinkah gritted her teeth at the burn of the ground in her heel. But it was the inchoate pressure of Charlotte’s fingers against her now-exposed cunt that caused her to groan out her tender distress, her body stuck in a perpetual, subliminal writhe of capture.

At once, the drowsy lull of Setsuna’s voice on the other side of the wall called out.

“Hooo~ Did you hear that?”

Rinkah broke into a submissive whimper between gritted teeth, sounding like a caught animal, the way she struggled to force the sound back into her gullet, potently aware of the shame that tickled through her stomach, at the thought of being discovered in this pose.

And, all too obvious to Rinkah, her ear ground firmly against the stone wall, Setsuna’s mistress Hinoka replied, “It sounded like…”

Charlotte’s crowing laugh rang through the air as Rinkah unleashed that nonverbal acceptance of her compliance. Not that it was unusual to hear such a thing around camp, but it masked the soft, damp whisper of two arrogant fingers against a proud cunt, pressing against Rinkah’s lips. At first, a threat. And then, as Rinkah twisted and mewled like some overlarge kitten, a promise kept. Charlotte kept her nails dainty and short, and those deceptively soft fingers pinched at Rinkah’s unusually thick, erect clit, tugging in time, before pulling back, and pushing up and inwards, giving the oni something to properly writhe upon.

“There.” Charlotte released Rinkah’s arm. “You ain’t going anywhere now…”

It was true; she was strong enough, with her one busy arm, to keep Rinkah occupied and pressed to the wall, the oni’s rump cradled to her forearm. Her pleasantly jeering voice, barely an inch from the woman’s ear, imbued Rinkah’s every nerve with a sublime agony that an army of voyeuristic Setsunas couldn’t have possibly aroused. “Not til I’m done, anyway.”

And Rinkah if knew anything in that moment, it was that she was, indeed, well and truly stuck.

Charlotte’s free hand caressed Rinkah’s cheek—she’d have done it to anyone, certainly! Anyone who lost so badly, who insulted her so! “Shush now,” she said, quiet enough for only Rinkah to here. “Be brave.”

Rinkah’s body laid out its plaintive resistance against Charlotte’s fingers–that silly sort of crushing and flexing of inner muscle that pulls as much as it pushes. So it was that Rinkah drew Charlotte in as much as Charlotte pushed. Abdominal muscles tightening with each huffing pace of breath, toes squeezing and clutching at ground as if she were afraid she might fly off somewhere, Rinkah whimpered at this soulful intrusion into her body, and the events that led her here. It was foolishness. Such a silly pose, Charlotte piercing her from behind, so that her arm was almost a seat for Rinkah to relax into. Even with the jocular ramblings of Setsuna and Hinoka on the other side of the wall, Rinkah committed herself to accepting this—but she would do it boldly. She would not cry out. She would endure it. To unwind, untense, and enjoy this mo—

Willful as she ever was, and today being a special day besides, Charlotte thrust another finger upwards into Rinkah’s steaming cunt.


The stone of the arena broke into a spiderweb beneath the pound of Rinkah’s fist.

“Hee~eyyy,” chirped Setsuna lazily. “Is it all alright, over there?”

Charlotte cooed out in response. “I’m just training, Setsuna dear!” Her accent melted from her voice in an instant. “Keeping Rinkah on her toes!” A girlish giggle; her mask remained firmly in place. Her body pinned her rival soundly to the stone—as if there were any question of her complete and utter dominance in this moment—and she pulled her fingers from Rinkah’s pussy…

The lull of Setsuna’s voice whimsied from over the wall. “Ooooh, are you sparring?”

“Setsuna, shush,” said Hinoka. “Pay attention to your own work.”

….only to let the reeking digits hover before Rinkah’s nose before pushing decisively past her lips and into her mouth, filling the oni with the pungent flavor and scent of herself, and stifling the cries she knew were coming.

“Taste,” she said, for only Rinkah to hear.

Rinkah unleashed a sniveling sound, more befit to animal than oni. Yet, her body radiated heat like a forest fire in bloom. She squeezed her lips and suckled, thrusting her tongue against these invading digits, squirming the only muscle available to her around Charlotte’s fingertips, desperate to sublimate the pained cry of pleasure building inside her. She drowned in her own musk, eyes watering, and nose flaring for every difficult breath. Two more cracking sounds nearly caused Setsuna and Hinoka to leap from their skins, as the Rinkah shuddered against Charlotte, spidering the stone.

Rinkah drew her breath back into her with a strangled gasp, as her mouth was suddenly freed of the choking invasion of Charlotte’s fingers.

“That sounds see~eerious~” Setsuna crooned.

“Not serious!” Charlotte only called back. “She…” one finger, into the steaming, clenching, furred cunt. “Just…” Another. “Keeps…” The third, tight, tented and full. “Messing…” And THRUST! “UP!”

A earnest, gagging cough broke from Rinkah as the gradual but implacable advance of Charlotte’s expanded her body to its absolute limits. To certain ears, the moan that broke the air certainly might’ve sounded like the cry of a warrior enduring a resounding blow.

Perhaps, in a way, it was.

“You are sparring. Oh, Hinoka, let’s go watch. It may go like last time, where they nearly f—” There was a soft grunt.

“Setsuna!” Hinoka’s I told you to watch all the netting!” Hinoka sighed in deep umbrage, grumbling in her uncertain, fluting growl. “I’ll be hours untangling you now.”

Charlotte crowed with joy, practically lifting Rinkah onto her toes with one hand, resting the oni’s weight on her fingers. Rinkah whipped an arm back, not to resist, but to plaintively grab and grope at the thick, firm, fleshy muscle of Charlotte’s hip. A plainer indication Charlotte never needed. Charlotte permitted her rival to gasp and clutch mightily against her body. She permitted Rinkah to writhe, pull, finally, relax just slightly…

“That’s a good little oni…” Charlotte called, sweet in one moment, and burning like a demon the next. “Now, gimme my present!”

And so, Charlotte’s rival, her oni, Rinkah, became her marionette too. Rinkah found her heels in the air with the strength of Charlotte’s thrusts inside her, her toes barely able to scrape at the dirt.

Rinkah’s returned to the ground, moments only before Charlotte pounds into her, fast and hard, face triumphant. Her hips thrusted with a will of their own, as though she would pound Rinkah herself, had she the capacity! But no, fingers would have to do.

With Setsuna and Hinoka still chattering away on the other side, Rinkah maintained enough presence of mind for a singular thought: how fortunate she was this wall was built strong enough even for an oni’s might. That it doesn’t collapse, with each impact of her balled fists and bared breasts, wraps fallen loose, against it! How lucky she is that nobody’s come to inspect the sounds or damage. Setsuna seems to require more than enough attention, but only mere feet away, Rinkah is conscious of every noise. She mewled and moaned and whined in certainty now–and the only saving grace was that her voyeur was a particularly prudish princess and her naive underling, who probably thought nothing of the sort about this peculiar form of training.

“Yield?” Charlotte grinned, speaking through teeth clenched with furious passion. Her thighs were slick, and a hooked arm around Rinkah’s abdomen reined the oni back to against her body. “Or do you need another round?”

“I didn’t…” Rinkah husked. Her voice was hoarse, and her throat dry. Her body quivered like a weakling mess. Sweat poured down her face. She could feel it along her sensitive nape, her breasts, and the treacherous, overwhelming fluidity of her body. Her stomach roils in shallow, uncertain breaths. Charlotte’s grip on Rinkah was not particularly tight. One arm (Rinkah-scented) beneath her breasts, one snaked down Rinkah’s front, and between her thighs, teasing at her over-sized clit. Yet, emotion strangled Rinkah’s breath in her chest, as if Charlotte’s arm beneath her breasts were crushing the life out of her.

“I didn’t….” Charlotte’s touches of her felt like ice upon fire. Her thighs, thick as lumber, shook like saplings in a fierce gale.

Charlotte licked her lips—she knew how her… sparring partner, not “beloved,” certainly… was embarrassed by her almost clumsy, brute size. Charlotte herself had certainly never called it “handsome” aloud, hadn’t yet begged Rinkah to fuck her with it – but she could curl her finger and thumb around it, tug at it, play at its piercing. She knew these techniques, these hidden methods of power and submission. She had no need to fuck Rinkah to concrete her power, that was done and proved, and Charlotte knew the electricity of this touch alone, its potency, would drive language from even stoic, unceasing Rinkah’s lips.

“Yield?” She asked again.

But the answer wasn’t important—the wide-eyed, beautiful, dazed oni was.

“I-I-I…” Rinkah thrilled in the possessive clutch of Charlotte around seemingly every inch of her. Even at the memory of the stretch of tented fingers inside her. At the slip of sweat between their bodies and how her mind clenched down so hard her head exploded in overwhelming pain and the transcendent agony of her frustration as the orgasm overcame her senses like wildfire. “I YIELD!”

She split the evening quiet with a climactic growl, the ferocity and shame of that sound twinning around each other like miserly snakes. Her body erupted. Or perhaps it sung—indeed, much less of an even spar, it was more akin to Charlotte playing her something like an instrument, wasn’t it?

The bulk of Rinkah’s worn-raw shape (she’d only recently lost the contest of strength, let’s recall!) collapsed backwards into Charlotte’s ready embrace. She wheezed like a terrified rabbit, clutching at Charlotte’s arms and gripping at her hair, head turned just-so, lips groping at open air, struggling for a kiss.

There was a hint of playfulness underlying Charlotte’s haughty visage—that she might just have gone from a nobody to a princess was the farthest thing from her mind. She’d bested Rinkah, won her, made her shiver and cry out. The thought gave her immense pleasure! Why, she hadn’t thought about money in… well, minutes! Not since sizing up Hinoka, anyway. But she had far more pressing concerns. The triumph in her eyes gave way to a momentary confusion at the expression in Rinkah’s.

Was it weakness? Impossible. Fear? Unlikely. There was something different, there. Something strange.

Her arms, only now starting to stiffen with exertion, pulled the oni close, held her up. She was looking closer. That was all. Very close. Supporting her.

And Charlotte’s smile was almost genuine—perhaps as genuine as Rinkah, or anyone else in camp, could ever have seen. “Good,” she said, with lips quirked upwards in gleeful victory. “You’re mine, loser.”

Charlotte’s lips, almost unbidden, so practiced for the day she’d hook a prince, matched to Rinkah’s, slowing Rinkah’s wheezing and speeding her pulse, soothing her rival’s worn body and, for the moment, her conquered heart.

Rinkah’s eyes were dull with the exhaustion of spent passion. Her lips trembled beneath the gift of Charlotte’s kiss, fingers clenching and unclenching around her lover’s bicep, and her heart thundering behind the heaving weight of her breasts.

“Y-yours…” is what her rival said.

And there was no value behind it. No dominance, no submission. It was nothing, but a word.


Perhaps “beloved” was all right. It was a good word, if you were a princess, and you had someone very strong, and you didn’t intend to give them up. She closed her eyes, and smiled into the kiss.

It was a good thing, that Charlotte was so strong. One wonders if anyone else in the camp would be able to keep a woman like Rinkah upright without assistance.

Some hours later, after time to relax, and bathe, and eat, and seek an oni’s method of revenge aside—without going into details of such sensitive, and secretive things, say we only say it involved a great deal of rutting, and left at least one oni’s palm and one golddigger’s rump a blissful sort of sore, before the night was over?

Moving on, after all such matters were dealt with, and most of the fires in the camp were smoldering down to cinders, and the crickets had resumed their nightly symphony, Rinkah reached beneath their shared bedding and produced a small, velvet-lined box. Inside were a pair of jade earrings, carved into a series of intricate, inter-locking whorls by a set of some of the thickest, clumsiest fingers Charlotte had ever known (and known them well, one might add). Her characteristic surliness recovered in the passing hours, Rinkah still turned away to mask the reddening of her cheeks as she, with unremitting surliness, said…

“I did NOT forget.”

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