Manga Recommendations

Prism by Higashiyama Shou

~Prism by Higashiyama Shou~

Another short, cute yuri manga! I instantly fell for the premise, a neat twist on the somewhat tired “single day of childhood love” concept. Megumi has spent her childhood pining for the bold boy, Hikaru, who stole her first kiss when they were children and now, years later, Hikaru transfers to her school–and it turns out, Hikaru is a girl!

I’m a soft sell for anything that toys with gender even the littlest bit–and Prism really is the littlest bit, that plot line is dropped kinda quickly! Still, I enjoyed it a lot for what it was. While I found the art a little simple in places, and some of the gags/paneling hard to follow, I was impressed by Prism’s ability to shift from sweet, to lascivious, to playful, to sincere, changing its mood effortlessly to suit the story, and there’s a rare bit of “realism” there in how it addresses (albeit briefly) homophobia.

Plus, not to spoil it, but I was kinda wowed by how it jumped from one of the more impassioned, “dang, wow!” (PG-13-level) sexy shots I’ve ever scene to a full-page panel about “uhhh, we’re dumb teens and how does sex work?” gag in literally back to back frames.

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