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Binding The Beast

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Contains: M/M, Gay, Paranormal, Shifter, Alpha, Werewolf, Billionaire, Orientation Play, Dominance & Submission, Clothed Female Nude Male

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🏼❅☃ Hope you’ll excuse my brevity, but I’m hashing this out real quick while my family cooks downstairs. 😳 Enjoy your sexy Christmas werewolf smut!!

“This is our gift,” she says. “This is the reward for your obedience, which in turn drives the obedience of your pack.” Katja takes the back of Cav’s head. “Drink.”

A sharp, suckling sound fills my ears. Cav’s body erupts with fire and tension. His cock surges to its full length inside my hollowed cheeks. His hips hammer forward, driving his rigid thickness into the back of my throat. Tears spring into the corners of my eyes. My wrists thrash against their bonds. I choke.

Katja effortlessly pushes me back down against the floor, a wet sound announcing my abrupt separation from Cav’s rigid member. Cav’s hips hump forward, seeking the lost enclosure of my mouth. His fangs snap through empty air as Katja removes her wrist, lowering it to me. Her hand sifts through my hair. She grips and twists, guiding my mouth to the swell of blood streaming down her pale skin. My tongue swabs outward, collecting her offering, spurred on by the strange paroxysms roil Cav’s washboard stomach with unbelievable, preternatural pleasure.

At the first swallow my veins sear. I cry out against her cold flesh.

“This is our gift,” she says. “This is the contract which requires no physical bonds.”

My fangs clench down, locking her to me. Katja doesn’t so much as flinch. I gulp urgently at the font of her, struggling to pull this heady essence into my veins. My hands lift from the floor, scrambling to pull her even an inch closer to me, so that I could bathe more deeply in her awesome presence.

But before my fingers can twine around her stocking-clad legs, Cav forces me back to the floor with an iron grip. I groan, flexing my body towards the denial. Cav sockets his hand around my jaw and ratchets my gaze to Katja’s eyes.

“You are weak,” Katja says. “You require an Alpha to guide you.” Her thumb traces across my quavering lips, collecting the few remnants of her blood and feeding them, thrusting the pad of her thumb flatly against my tongue.

My eyes cloud with haze. My skin stretches. My body flexes with unbridled energy. Katja steps back, the scarlet of her blood dark and mysterious by candlelight, just out of reach. I ready myself to pounce. My abdomen coils with tension. I throw myself forward…

…right into Cav’s bracing weight. He stops my charge with a hand against my neck. The sudden impact chokes me, but only for a nanosecond; the pull of Katja’s blood is too powerful. I strike my bound wrists against Cav, struggling to knock him down, willing to fight, wound, even kill to bring myself back in range of Katja.

“But your Alpha is also weak,” she says. “This is why we require the Terat, to prove that, amid the weakness of wolves, there is one still strong enough to bend all around him to his will.”

Cav’s nails dig into my neck. Flexing his muscles in sublime effort, he forces me back. I snarl, gnashing my teeth this way and that, seeking to strike any inch of him I can reach. Cav descends, locking me in a wrestler’s grip. My eyes lock on Katja’s face. I still struggle to break free. Cav forces me into a kiss.

His tongue snakes past my lips. That powerful, flexile muscle roves around the inside of my mouth as if to steal Katja’s blood back from me, its rightful owner. A growl stirs inside his chest. I bite down. He does not retreat. His nose bellows hot breaths against my face as his writhing tongue demands my ultimate compliance.

See the rest of BINDING THE BEAST here!

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