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Forcing The Issue: Complete Edition

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Contains: F/F, Lesbian, Dominance/Submission, Power Exchange, Exhibitionism, Medical Play, Toys, Bondage, and Public Sex.

Wow! I feel a little silly, putting these things out one after the other without mixing it up–flooding the market, so to speak–but one of my personal goals was to make enough contiguous stories that I could combine them into a bundle and now, I’ve done that. Go me! 🎉

I felt a little silly, rereading these things and actually getting choked up at the emotional moments. Not like, choked up, choked up or anything, but it’s nice to read through all these things in chronological order and be like–you kids, you made it. I’m proud of you! 😭 (now fuck her stupid! 😈)

Tomorrow, I’d like to start on a new idea! ….iiiiiiis… what I said last night before bed… so tomorrow I’d like to stop my ADD from stopping me from starting on a new idea!

My prowess is short lived. So far beyond just “drunk,” the snap kick sends me stumbling backwards. “Uwah!” I shout, the soles of my boots squealing against the floor as I struggle to maintain my balance.

But Michelle’s there to catch me. Hooking her arms underneath my pits and around my chest, she bears my weight as we stumble backwards, collapsing against the sink behind us. We take a quiet pause to gasp about our near fall before bursting into drunken giggles. I twist at the hip and snatch Michelle’s face with both hands. “Fancy meeting you here.”

She shoves me away with a butt of her head, but I’m relentless. Taking advantage of our position, I scoop my hands under her plush little ass and heft her onto the marble sink counter behind us. With her seated like that, I don’t even have to stand on my toes to kiss her, and boy, have I never wanted to kiss her more than I did right now. Mashing my whole body against Michelle’s, nose to nose, tits to tits, I bury her in a beer-drenched smooch.

She breaks away, gasping and giggling. Denied her lips, I turn my attentions to her neck, kissing and biting in eager lunges as she cants her head this way and that, surveying the surroundings. “Well it’s a lot cleaner than I expected.” Shoving me away by my tits, Michelle encourages me with a fat grin. “Hey, wanna know a secret?”

I take a step or two back, unable to conceal my own widening grin. “Sure.”

I watch as she tucks her hands beneath her skirt. I watch a little harder as her hips wriggle and lift. Then, down come her panties, across the slopes of her thighs, over her knees, and down to her ankles. She shakes one foot loose and lifts her leg, urging me closer with a crooked finger. I step in and she presses the damp spot at crux of her underwear directly against my nose, ensconcing me in her scent.

“Damn girl,” I say, taking a hard whiff of her, relishing in the dampness. “You must be leaking like a faucet.”

“Sssh! Remember, it’s a secret.” She glances surreptitiously around the room before looking back to me, intoning, very gravely, “Only the person who’s gonna fuck me gets to know that.”

“Oh yeah?” I ask, stifling a giggle, trying my best to look serious. “Who’s that?”

Michelle darts a hand out, gripping my shirt and pulling me in by my bra clasp. Her eyebrows wriggle with heady encouragement. “I’m looking at her, stud.”

I grin wide as a house. “I’m a stud now?”

Her hand slinks down my body, over my stomach, and to the bulge in my jeans, grinding it into me crotch and stripping a moan from my throat.

“Tonight you are,” she says.

Get the whole FORCING THE ISSUE bundle here!

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