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Forcing the Issue 5: Cold, Cold Hearts

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Or pick up the whole Forcing the Issue Bundle for a bargain price!

Contains: F/F, Lesbian, Oral, Outdoor Play, Chilly Sex(!)

Well, I finished something! As arbitrary say something something like this is “finished” might be, still it’s satisfying to feel like I’ve made some sort of closure with a published story. Wow! 😍 And it’s got porny bits too! 😱

A huff of air crackles the phone speaker. “I was just about to get off when the fucking video started buffering.”

“Jesus, porn?” I ask, laughing. “Ew!”

I can practically hear the blush roaring across her face. “What? Screw you, Abbi! If you’re so anti-porn, what the hell do you call sending me into that fitting room?”

“That was just two empowered young women expressing their mutual affection.” I smile, roaming a hand through my hair. “So what were you watching?”

“Nothing,” she says. “You’ll make fun of me.”

“You like it.” My voice softens a little, when I hear her hmph on the other end of the line. “Come on, I’m curious now.”

Michelle lets out another expressive sigh. “It was some Asian chick going down on some white dude, okay?”

I burst out laughing. Already too late, I slap a hand over my mouth, worried the sound might’ve woken up my mom through the thin wall between our bedrooms. After a second of nervous tension, I lower my voice to a playful hiss. “Some Asian chick? Oh my god, do you have a type? Am I just some… some China doll to you?”

“Shut up!” Michelle says.

“No no,” I say. “It’s not your fault that culture has programmed you to crave nubile, submissive Asians thirsty for fat, surging dick.” My words tingle with predatory intent. “Did she make you all dripping wet? Did you drench the bed with your passionate lust?”

“Whatever,” Michelle says, huffing indignantly. “Girls don’t even do that, that’s just what they say in porn.”

“Well I wouldn’t know, because I don’t watch porn.” My hand has a mind of its own, tucking my shirt up beneath my breasts and tracing over the warm skin of my stomach. I giggle, enjoying the fuzzy feeling in my head at the thought of Michelle soaking her bed sheets clean through—she’d have to explain to her mom why she’s doing her own laundry for the first time in her whole damn life. “Was she at least cute? She didn’t have, like, gonzo boobs, did she?”

“See? I knew you’d do this. You’re such a little shit about stuff like this.”

I grab my phone and yank up my tank top. The room illuminates with the flash of the camera and I waste no time in sending Michelle the picture of my smirking mug and perky left tit. “Was she cuter than this?”

“I don’t know,” Michelle replies. “I can’t see because that fucking peace sign you’re flashing is taking up half the screen. Look, can you just come over?”

“Not likely, babe. We’re in the middle of a snow storm, in case you hadn’t noticed, and I left my toboggan at grandma’s.”

“Come on, please? It’s cold, the internet’s busted, and I’m lonely.”

“Hell no. You want some of this, gotta meet me halfway—or all the way, in this case.”

“Fine,” Michelle says. “Let me in at the back door?”

“Hold up, hold up.” I imagine her sitting there, curly blonde hair all sweaty, panting against her denied release, probably with her boy shorts tucked down her thighs—little prude, never even bothers to get undressed half the time…

Despite my best intentions, my hand gets to roaming against the curve of my hip. I click my tongue into the phone. “It’s not every night my girlfriend sneaks over for a booty call, I want to make this special. You’re coming over naked.”

Michelle groans. “Be serious. Besides the fact that it’s cold as balls out there, someone might see.”

“It’s the middle of the night in West Chester, dumbo. Who’s gonna see you, a cow?”

“Well I’m still not doing it. I’m coming over, fully dressed, and you’re going to finish what I started.”

I hold the phone close to my lips, cupping my hand around my mouth to let my voice echo against the speaker. “We’ll see.”


Or pick up the whole Forcing the Issue Bundle for a bargain price!

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