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Caro 4: Ascent

Available On Amazon

Contains: Femdom, Oral, Dominance & Submission, Cuckold, Cum Swap, Public Play

Oh geez, it’s been a while! _:(´□`」 ∠):_

The combination of extreme live stresses (moving!) and Amazon’s KDP left me a little dispirited, I think, but I’m back on the wagon–at least for now! So here’s a little something outside of my area of expertise, some short and sweet smut I hope you like!

And let’s all do our best to get back to publishing again! ∩( ・ω・)∩

Gabriella silences my questions before they come, trailing her fingers over my opened lips. “Some men are sensitive, they do not want to feel like they’ve failed. But that is not you, is it, caro?”

My lips grasp for Gabriella’s fingertips, begging for any part of her to join with any part of me.

“That is why I am in this elevator with you and not him.” Gabriella’s fingers follow the guidance of my lips, entering me. “That is why I am going to share something with you I’d never give to him, because you are something he can never be. Doesn’t that make you proud?”

She seems able to find endless depths inside of me, fingertips pushing all the way against the back of my throat. My tongue laves between her probing digits of them as a gentle gag spills past my lips, but she does not relent. Tears spring into my eyes and she smiles.

“Do you want me share this special thing with you?” She asks.

Choking, I can’t even nod in response. My opened lips move fruitlessly against her knuckles as a whimper spills forth from my core. I hope against hope that’s confirmation enough for her.

It is. She releases me and I collapse backwards against the bottoms of my feet. Panting for breath, I watch the floor, locking myself to the sight of Gabriella’s toes curling in her peep-toe shoes. The hem of her dress lifts from her ankles, agonizingly slow, revealing centimeter by centimeter of her smooth calves, her knees. Though my body overflows with desire for her I cannot stand even the thought of looking away as she exposes herself to me.

I can hear every whisper of her impassioned breathing. The elevator is hot. I don’t know if the air conditioning stopped when I pulled the emergency button or if it’s simply too weak to overcome the fiery blaze of Gabriella’s magnificence. Tenderly, she guides me to the crux of her legs, pressing my nose against the sleek satin of her black panties, already sopping wet with her desire for me.

“Dig deep,” she says.

I inhale sharply of her scent, only to come back gagging for air. It’s not just her arousal, her panties are soaked through with…

Get the rest of CARO: ASCENT here!

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