Dominance & Submission · Masculine Passion · Paranormal Presences · Slow Burns

Sating The Beast

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Contains: Gay, Paranormal, Shifter, Alpha, Werewolf, Billionaire, Dominance & Submission

A continuation of werewolf politics and sexy, sore banging ensues from Gabriel’s perspective as he entrances himself in the erotic politics of the local wolf pack!

Night’s fallen and the poolside party on Cav’s palatial rooftop is in full swing. Though it’s only a couple dozen wolves, I’ve learned how easily their energy can fill a space—the chill autumn wind is hardly noticeable amid the crush of body heat swarming all around me. Voices shout to be heard over the music, people bump and crash against each other in unrestrained displays of physical emotion. Most of them are still in human form, but every now and then a wolf or two bursts through the crowd, scampering their claws against the wooden deck, chasing each other without a care in the world, like they were out for a jaunt in the woods.

Cav has secreted me away to a dimly lit corner of the deck, away from the watchful eyes of the other weres. Pinning me to the wall, he greets me like a lover come back from war, claiming my cheeks, nose, and lips with a salvo of ardor-laced kisses, as if to say “sorry I kept you waiting.”

The pleasing grind of his crotch against me is apology enough, really.

“Christ.” I gasp in response to the firm rut of his hips. “How the hell did I take this monster?”

“Sorry. Next time we’ll… we’ll…” He swallows as I snake a hand between us to grip the girthy bulge wakening beneath his exquisitely tailored slacks—the man looks good in a suit.  “Next time we’ll do it right, lots of lube.”

“Oh? Is there going to be a next time?”

His fingers snare through my hair when I lean in for my own curious nip of his neck. “There better be,” he growls.

I grin, pleased at the suitably wolfish sound I’ve drawn out of him. “We’ll see,” I say.

The smell of his cologne cloys my senses. His brown eyes are like soft earth, deep enough to bury myself. Then, suddenly, he’s erect—but not in the way I need. Separating himself from me, he glances back at the combined mirth and merriment of the party. “Shit, figures she’d show up.” His thumbs press into my cheeks, encouraging my addled brain to snap to attention. “Couple people I gotta talk to. I’ll be back.”

The moan of my disappointment rends both heaven and earth.

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